Pitch Wars Bio

Pitch Wars time again! So excited! I cant wait to get to know you all! After the contest, lets all get together and unwind.


This amazing community of writers is THE best reason to participate. THE BEST. Even if I don’t get picked as a mentee, I know that I will get to make connections that will last throughout the journey that we are all on together. I couldn’t do this if it weren’t for the people I’ve already connected with who cheer me on when I need it most. (You know who you are)


A little about my MS.I don’t tend to read sci-fi, so even I was surprised when I wrote something that technically has to be categorized as such. If you are looking for light sci-fi, speculative fiction with romance, then look no further!

Want a strong female who is breaking gender defined goals?

Diverse characters?

Multicultural characters and settings?

Parallel timelines?

Love letters?

My MS isn’t exactly time travel, but if that is something you’re looking for, you may find my concept unique.

I’m willing to work as hard as I need to get this book where it needs to go. Please help.



Now, for the non-writing stuff—


On my twitter bio, it says that I am a full time cruise ship director. I’m really not, although that could be fun. Just like my MC, I am actually a pilot. Except that I do it for a living. Writing is an escape. I’m hoping that someday it’s the other way around. I do wrangle my two kids, plus all of the neighborhood kids that hang at our house. Our street is like stepping back in time to a place where kids ride bikes and collect bugs, and they don’t watch TV because they would rather play outside. It’s awesome. My husband and I are so lucky.

I went through a phase where I thought chocolate covered cranberries were the only food to eat while writing. So bad. Thank goodness I started growing cherry tomatoes. I’ll never stop eating chocolate though.

Obviously I love reading and writing, or I wouldn’t be here. In addition to that, I love traveling, flying, sarcasm, soaking up the sun, and being with my family (especially at home in our backyard).


If you have questions, just ask. You can find me on Twitter @roxannelambie


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