Writing My First Novel

An idea came to me one night and then I couldn’t sleep. I thought about it for days, did online research and jotted down notes on my phone whenever possible. I remember the bulk of my notes being written while sitting at baseball practice or watching the kids swim. What a process! There is no doubt that I drove my family just a little crazy with ideas that I couldn’t keep inside. I needed to bounce them off someone. Anyone. My poor family. Thinking about my characters and the story took over most of my thoughts. It was difficult to concentrate at work. I moonlight as a pilot so that wasn’t necessarily a good thing. After many restless days and sleepless nights I finally sat at the computer and started writing and it has poured out of me. I never knew I had it in me.

Since then I have researched as much as possible, both for my actual novel and the process that will come after I am complete. I have learned an amazing amount but nowhere near what I need to know. One step at a time. One word after another.


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