Meaningless Wandering Through a Bookstore? No More.

When I walk into a library or bookstore, I get a little overwhelmed by it all. Rows and rows–shelves upon shelves. The titles and authors names all laid out in a a vertical spine fashion. I usually enter with something in mind. Once I’ve found it though, I cannot simply stop and walk out.

I find that my neck is craned to the right in the most uncomfortable fashion as I peruse the only part of the books I can see. I am constantly having to stretch my neck. Is this from an old injury or do I really spend too much time in this position? Some bookstores offer a reprieve from this awful posture and allow you to look at the covers of what they are offering up that day. Maybe I need to spend less time looking for titles that will catch my eye?

If my children are with me, I have the same problem. The only difference is that I no longer get to look only for the books I want. I am now searching for what I think might open their minds. What do they already love? What can I find that is similar? What can I discover that is totally different from anything they have ever read but I know they will still love it?

I could get lost for hours. First looking and then reading. I’ve found that reading can and will cause an equal strain on the neck unless it’s done properly. I’ve seen people on airplanes holding a book directly in front of them and they read without having to look down. It’s amazing to watch but i cannot duplicate it.

I digress. The real problem here is the fact that sometimes I don’t know where to end when I enter one of this time warping buildings. Starting is easy. This issue has only worsened once I decided to try my own hand at writing. I’ve always been a reader but now its become even more of an obsession. I want to get better at my craft, so I read–and read–and read. Less time for writing. Always a dilemma.

My husband recently suggested that I get on Twitter. He said it might help. He was right! (Did you hear that honey?) I resisted at first because I thought it would take up too much of my time. Again–less time for writing my book. It does take a little time but the time is well spent. I have learned so much from those I follow and vice-versa. I have entered contests and gotten great feedback on my WIP. I have grown–both as a reader and a writer.

Now, I’m blogging. Again–less time for writing my book. More time to let the creativity flow. Plus it feels good to actually finish a project. (No matter how small)

I would think that most people choose to follow a writer that they’ve already read. I have a lot of those. But I also have several authors that I have followed for other reasons. Maybe their post on twitter made me laugh. Maybe they help other writers by offering advice. Whatever the reason, I have chosen to follow them on Twitter without ever having read their books. If they can get me hooked in 140 characters or less, why haven’t I read their books yet?

Well, I started yesterday. I can now enter a bookstore with a mission. Go support someone I follow. I no longer have to crane my neck in a constant search. I can go in with a new author in mind. Grab my reads, enjoy and repeat until I’ve read at least one book by everyone I’ve discovered through Twitter.


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